2022 Ford vs. Chevy
October 15 & 16

Gulfport Dragway
  • There will only be 275 cars allowed to race. Ford and Chevy foot brake will have 75 each, and the remaining 125 cars will be electronics and dragster tickets. Any registrations received after the 275 slots have been filled will be returned.
  • All brackets will be miles except for Dragsters, which will be 1/8".
  • If you want to sell your ticket, you have every right (permitted), but please be advised that the racer whose name is on the tech card will receive the racer registration form next year.
  • Gulfport Dragway will tech all cars. Gulfport Dragway will handle anything to do with the actual race.
  • Footbrake and Street are in the same bracket and will be mile racing. Electronic will also be mile racing. Dragsters are 1/8 mile racing.
  • Payout Category Winner Runner Up Semi Finals Quarter Finals

Street / Footbrake( Winner) $1400.00; (Runner Up) $300.00; (Semi Finals) $150.00; (Quarter Finals) $75.00

Electronics (Winner) $2500.00; (Runner Up) $500.00; (Semi Finals) $200.00; (Quarter Finals) $100.00

Dragster 80% of car count or purse

One Price! Get both days for one price
CHILDREN $10 PER CHILD (10 years & under)